A letter from the CEO

Accelerate - 2018

Apttus Accelerate is an annual Quote to Cash event organized by APPTUS.

This year the venue of this event was the prestigious Palace of Fine Arts, San

Francisco, California and the event dates were May 14, 15, and 16, 2018.


Forsys team attended this year’s event as an Exhibitor Sponsor. We were at booth #6. As an exhibitor we presented our products FloData and RISE at our booth with instant demos and ready reading material.

Our products generated visible interest, not only with Apttus and our customers, but also with visitors to our booth. Our team for this event was lead by Prashanth Abbagani and consisted of Prasanth Veera, Ramesh Konda, Ryan Madsen, and myself.

JP, our CEO was a constant presence at the event and gained us valuable exposure. JP led many an important visitors to our booth to help our team showcase our products and capabilities, which I must say impressed many.

The first day, May 14, was the day for registrations and to gather knowhow about the various engagements of the event and we got to know about the Training/Certification updates from the Partner First Team. The second day, May 15, was the main event day when Apttus launched OMNI, a middle office platform as part of the Keynote.

The conversational commerce on Apttus using AI assistant was demonstrated as a part of the Keynote. The Keynote was attended by JP, A Prashanth, V Prasanth and myself. 4 The third day, May 16, was pretty exciting with Apttus hosting Sir Richard Branson for a talk.

The talk was insightful with Sir Richard sharing his experiences and thoughts on building sustainable business, his futuristic endeavours with hyperloop and philanthropic activities. Along with the key events on day two and three, there were some individual sessions on these days where we got insights into new features of Apttus and also got to know firsthand the thoughts of customers on QTC implementations.

All in all the event was a success from Forsys perspective as we were able to grab the attention of key decision makers which shall translate into more business in the upcoming months.