Data and Analytics and its Relevance to Business

In today’s uncertain global economy, businesses of all sizes are increasingly turning to Business Analytics as a strategic weapon that will help them streamline operations, drive growth and achieve overall business objectives.

In your world, every decision matters. Employees throughout your company make decisions every day that have a direct impact on your bottom line. Enhance their decision‐making capabilities with the power of Business Analytics. Online dashboards and flexible reporting capabilities provide metrics and KPI’s that highlight trends and changing business conditions. Powerful tools for sensitivity analyses identify the best course of action to mitigate risks and leverage potential opportunities.

Forsys Business Analytics Services Spectrum

Since its inception, Forsys has emphasized Business Intelligence as a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 clients in High‐Tech, Retail, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Government and other verticals. From defining the strategy and blueprint to data warehouse design to start‐of‐the‐art dashboards, Forsys has extensive experience in helping its customers make the best use of disparate digital data. Whether it’s gigabytes or multiple terabytes, internal or external data, Forsys enables your company with best‐of‐breed BI technologies to gain the decision edge over the competition.

Forsys has developed processes and methodologies to help companies align their BI initiatives with business strategies and objectives. This involves creating a roadmap with the requisite buy‐in, forethought, and high probability of success. Specifically, Forsys’ offerings can be divided into three areas: Strategy and Roadmap services, Implementation services and Support services. The image below, at a high level, identifies different initiatives that are undertaken in each of the areas.