A letter from the CEO


Forsys is at booth #146 at Dreamforce – 2018. Join us to discuss your unique data integration challenge/s.

Join Forsys speaker session at Dreamforce 2018 on FloData, an Accelerated Data Migration & Integration. Unifying cloud and on-premise data has never been so fast, versatile and cost effective.


The biggest takeaway from my Dreamforce experience was the tangible buzz I saw around our FloData product. Credit to Chandra, our products team and the executive leadership that sponsored this effort, it’s clear we’ve identified a true pain point from which almost no organization is immune.

While this product is in the initial stage of go-to-market, I definitely felt its value warrants our full commitment and passion. Like any product, refinements will be needed; but if we can move fast enough and & maintain a total customer focus, FloData could catch fire in the market and demand substantial scaling from sales and delivery.

At Dreamforce, I also saw the sales and marketing pieces coming together in a way that hints at our potential. Our promotional videos showed excellent creativity and production quality. If our in-house team can do this on short notice, I can’t wait to see what we will produce with more consistent, strategic effort. Also, the sales team in attendance did an excellent job of making new contacts and quickly qualifying those for more in-depth conversations with SMEs.

Bottom line, Dreamforce felt like the start of something big. Yes, the hardest work is absolutely ahead, but the vision and path forward have come into greater focus. The next six months may be the most important in the history of our young company as we learn to move as one in very fast motion. I’m excited to get on with that adventure alongside a great team with diverse skill sets and a passion for excellence.