Not Your Father’s Bank

The financial industry has experienced greater technology disruption in the last fifteen years than the fifty years preceding. The rules have been rewritten for risk assessment, security and fraud detection, customer account access, loan funding and securities trading, to name only a few aspects.

Additionally customer expectations for their financial institutions have increased dramatically. Beyond safe, secure deposits, customers demand mobile pay capabilities, mobile check deposit, peer-­to-­peer payments, self­-service portfolio analysis and the ability to execute a stock trade at any moment from any location in the world.

Forsys Advantage

Forsys offers technology solutions and services for leading financial institutions in banking, insurance and capital markets. Solutions range from operations management software, to customer-­facing tools to self­-service BI that for enhanced growth strategy, fraud detection and customer risk assessment.

Forsys’ consultants bring deep understanding not only of financial industry business models, but also the rules and regulation that govern these markets. Drawing on extensive experience, we achieve your objectives while bringing to your attention factors that may not have previously been considered.