Multi­Channel, Single Experience

Today’s retailers must meet customers wherever they spend time: social media, mobile app, web search, email and in­store. Since research shows that consumers who shop in multi­channel environments spend 30% more with that retailer, businesses must present a consistent, quality experience across all channels.

Additionally, today’s customers expect customized offerings tailored to their interests and situation. Retailers must rapidly collect and analyze data from a variety of sources and types to provide customers with relevant content in a timely manner.

Forsys Advantage

Forsys combines retail experience, specialized consultants and industry­leading technology solutions to create seamless multi­channel order management for retailers. Additionally, Forsys provides solutions to transform supply chain management, including global trend analysis, automated contingency triggers and real­time inventory tracking.

Forsys’ advanced BI and Analytics solutions distill critical insights that enable businesses to anticipate impactful events and create strategies for expanding market share and increasing top­line revenue. Additionally, Forsys’ self­service BI solutions empower business users to manipulate data views and conduct analysis independent of IT. This shortens the path from capture to decision, giving the retailer an edge in the most fiercely competitive markets.