Jayaprasad “JP” Vejendla

Co-Founder, Board Member & CEO

With over a decade of managerial, strategic business planning and operational leadership, JP is a serial entrepreneur and business innovator with a deep understanding of how to bridge the gap between technology offerings and their effective application.

After arriving in the U.S. in 1998, JP became a technical consultant at Cisco and Sun Microsystems; his work there was integral to the creation of a complex global taxation engine. He branched out in 2003, founding his first IT consulting company, Win-Win Tek Inc., growing it to over $10 million in revenue in just three years. In 2006, JP merged with JASS & Associates, increasing their yearly sales to more than $60 million.

JP remained active in the day-to-day management of the strategy and solutions business. Three years later, he co-founded IDEA Solutions Inc. from the technology consulting divisions of diverse portfolio of companies, including JASS & Associates, Versatech Consulting, and eBusinessware. IDEA has revenue of $100 M annually and more than 1,157 employees worldwide.

With IDEA Solutions, JP has set out to revolutionize technology-consulting services based on his expertise in integrating and developing enterprise applications. His belief that flexibility, integrity, reliability and the right attitude will increase employee morale – while also increasing value for both customers and shareholders – has been proven time and again. Under JP’s experienced leadership, IDEA Solutions is poised to become a global enterprise providing growth and market dominance.

JP‘s strong sense of social responsibility has inspired him to champion community causes in education and health. He offers scholarships to deserving students each year and plans to establish a learning institution to aid underserved youth. He is founding Member Of the Board, Sanbaltar International University (

In addition, he is a trustee of the Hrudaya Foundation (, a non-profit organization in India that focuses on heart disease in poor children.

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