Forsys Accelerators

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use Forsys’ accelerators to speed up your implementations and migrations.

Forsys’ reusable software solutions including our ready to use, prebuilt connectors can reduce implementation timelines and costs by as much as fifty percent. We have used our extensive experience to solutionize repetitive processes and migrations to speed up Overall implementation timelines resulting in cost efficiencies.



SysConnect is an app for eCommerce customers designed exclusively for Salesforce to reduce the installation of multiple apps from Salesforce AppExchange. It integrates the three core services of Payment, Tax Calculations and Logistics. It helps admins and organizations to access all these features in one go.

In time, Sysconnect will evolve to have multiple payment gateways, tax systems and shipping systems associated with Sysconnect.

CPQ Migration

Managing the Products/Pricing/Rules & Catalog between the sandbox and Production environments is a continuous activity and is considered one of the biggest pain points in CPQ systems. Built on Flodata (Forsys’ product), Dataflos is built to automate and handle migrations of all these objects seamlessly. The result, a smooth migration cycle and ultimately, reduced effort and issues.

Oracle Cloud ERP Connector

Forsys has pre-built adaptors for data integration and conversion (FBDI/REST API) between On Premise systems and Oracle CloudERP. Built on Flodata (Forsys’ product), the CloudERP connector automates the entire FBDI/REST API import process including, reading FBDI templates data and consolidating it, invoking the Enterprise Scheduler Service (ESS) Jobs to move data to Fusion Applications base tables, Capturing data errors and data reconciliation.

Connectors are available for all Oracle CloudERP modules like Financials, SCM, Procurement and Manufacturing, etc.

Oracle Order to Cash Automation

Within the Order to Cash process, manual order creation takes tremendous effort and time. Forsys’ Oracle O2C Automation Suite automates order creation along with user creation which allows entry of multiple users simultaneously by importing data from an excel file. It automatically ships the product based on pre-conditions using selenium. This results in automation of both configuration and end user testing with easy management of sales orders, less turn around times, and faster shipping and billing.

Automation results in error free processing with scalability and stability with lesser manpower needs and ultimately, increased performance, improved compliance, narrative reporting, enhanced customer satisfaction and reusability of scripts