Get real-time insights on your customers intractions

Get analytics on your channel specific usage, goal specific metrics and other business metrics that can help drive better customer experiences and determine how effectively the bots are able to respond to requests.

Channel Insights

Get a unified view of access and usage across all channels, drill down on any conversations to see how effective the Purplebots are in managing customer engagements.

Customer Insights

Detect the sentiment and tone of your customers, measure their Customer Satisfaction Ratings and get analytics across channels.

Unhandled Queries

If there are queries that the bot could not respond to or gave incorrect responses across all channels are centrally collected and automatically routed for training.

Feedback Analytics

Ability to get user suggestions and feedback on the conversations and human agents can quick analyse them and use these metrics for training bots.

Get started with™ gives you everything you need to manage all your engagements with your customers and reach your business goals.