revmantraComprehensive, flexible, scalable and globally compliant Revenue Accounting Application supporting US GAAP, ASC 605/606, IFRS 15/16 standards across industry domains

Accounting Arrangement (Pre & Post Booking)

Re-assessment for Contract Modifications

Fair Value Analysis / Allocations

Robust Deferrals & Accruals Management

Comprehensive Triggers & Accounting

Reporting (Operational & Analytical)


Support Multi Revenue Standards, Ledgers & Currencies

Controls & Audit


Compliance:  Ensures Revenue Recognition & Accounting Compliance with Applicable Standards

Increased Productivity: Eliminate various manual processes in Revenue Accounting Life Cycle

Data Integrity: Increase accuracy and accessibility by eliminating spreadsheets & documents

Business Insights: Powerful insights and reporting for better decision making & strategies

Scalability: Supports accounting for various business models across industries and geographies